France de Heere

Coach France de Heere

Following graduation from the Business School in Tours (Ecole superieure de Tours) and a masters degree in Human Resources Management (ISGP PARIS), France de Heere worked principally in International Marketing Departments of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic companies.

Her taste for travelling and contact with people from other countries together with her curiosity about cultural differences and French traditions give her an excellent basis for the tuition she provides.

France is married, and has four children and has been living in Versailles since 2000. She is very interested in the history of her city and developing cultural tourism associated with the Chateau.

In 2010 France launches its first workshop of French lifestyle with the Versailles Events agency. France has also chaired a number of workshops, in the city or in the Park of the Chateau. In 2014, she created the Atelier du Savoir-Vivre, Versailles, and addressed to all audiences, not only foreigners visiting Versailles, but also individuals, groups, for French, adults and children.

Her warm personality enables her to manage the workshops with authenticity, simplicity and conviviality, qualities which she regards as important in creating a trustworthy relationship with her clients.

The place

France de Heere manages the Ateliers du Savoir-Vivre, very near the Chateau de Versailles, in the elegant and convivial environment of her home, which is an XVIIIth century building.

The living rooms, are decorated with refinement and offer a quiet, convivial and confidential environment for her workshops.

Workshops can also be held in other locations depending on the preference of the clients . (hotel, restaurant, seminaries, etc…).

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Le concept d’Artoo est basé sur l’échange culturel, le dialogue et la communication entre le monde oriental et occidental.

La mission principale d’Artoo Travel est de promouvoir l’art de vivre et l’excellence du savoir-faire à la française en proposant à nos voyageurs des ateliers qui correspondent à leur personnalité. Pour toute demande venant d’une clientèle chinoise ou asiatique, il est conseillé de vous adresser directement à nous car nous saurons parfaitement la comprendre et organiser des ateliers adaptés à vos besoins, et ce, dans les meilleures conditions étant partenaire privilégié de l’Atelier du Savoir-Vivre.

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