My goal

My goal

« My goal is to transmit the rules of French savoir-vivre that I received through my childhood in order to enable you to feel more comfortable in all circumstances in French society.

This is a subject more than ever at stake today, if you want to succeed in France!

For you, foreigners visiting Versailles and the Château, it’s more interesting to discover our lifestyle directly from in a private house (very near the Château) where I will be inviting you in my dining room. Our traditions are linked to our historical roots and our social and cultural heritage.

Versailles is the city where Etiquette was born. It therefore is important today in a changing world to avoid the loss of good values and social manners.

My workshops are prepared either for tourists and expatriate people or students and professionals working in France who would like to feel more at ease in their relationships with French people . These workshops will enable you to facilitate your integration into French society. »

France de Heere


During the workshop, your coach, France, will answer all your questions with respect and will satisfy your needs. In sharing these precious moments, in a good and welcoming atmosphere, this workshop will help you take care of your image. The approach will be playful and user-friendly, and you will practice rules after having understood the usual practices at different moments.

After a short historical reminder to understand the origins, you’ll learn the rules and manners of French etiquette, in situations of daily life : in a restaurant, when you are invited, at the office, or why not, at home.

These workshops will give you an inestimable added-value to gain self-confidence. You will feel more at ease with our culture, and you’ll be a success in great events.