Who are you?


You are a Foreigner in France

  • You are in France on a tourist’s trip?

You have scheduled to go to Versailles visiting the Chateau, and you would like to know more about History and our culture? Since the period of the Court of Louis the XIV, French Art de Vivre and French Elegance have fascinated throughout the world. I will explain you how this reputation has been made thanks to the Sun King, and how or why he established the Etiquette at the Court…

You would like to live a unique experience, and get off the beaten track?

You are curious and wish to discuss with the inhabitants to understand our way of life?

  • You are expatriate living in France?

You live in France and you would like to understand all the subtleties of French Culture.

You are interested in quickly integrating French society and in knowing the right codes to get accustomed to French savoir-vivre and to understand our habits and traditions.

Professionally, you would feel better at ease if you could understand our habits and customs to manage business meetings or meals…

All these workshops are made for you!

Groups and professional

  • Event agencies, exhibition or seminar organizations: You are looking for an original and cultural activity close to Paris?

    I suggest you a one or two hour-workshop to receive your customers in my house (or in a hotel) to discover the origins and basic rules of French lifestyle.

  • Tourist agencies: In organizing your visit of the Chateau de Versailles, you would like to suggest a “Versailles package” combining an original activity and a traditional visit.
    It could offer the discovery of the life in the Chateau, and its history and have the opportunity of discovering a Versailles house nowadays.
    I will receive your customs as important guests and will introduce them to our habits around a French table, for example.

  • Hotel Professionals and restaurants: You would like having a new approach and an external view on your job to sensibilise your staff. Workshops and conferences can be set up to show them French Art de vivre. It will enable them to show the importance of know-how and the necessity to be at their utmost.